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D. Kenney Bamboo Flyrods
Fine Rods Built From the Perceptive Perspective 
Middlesex, Vermont
F-1 #4 line, easy casting medium dry fly with mildly swelled butt. One of my most popular models
F-2 as above for #5 line
F-1S and F-2S - 3 piece versions of above
F-3 #4 line, 3 piece,  all around light tipped parabolic action with mildly swelled butt
F-4 #4 line, medium swelled but rod in 3 piece format
G-1 #5 line, medium dry fly, with mildly swelled butt
G-4 #5 line, medium all around rod in 3 piece format
H-1 #5 line medium action all around rod
H-2 As above in 3 piece
H-4 #5/6 line, powerful all around rod
H-5 #7/8 line, powerful light salmon, steelhead, bass, pike
H-7 #5/6 line, 3 piece, all around mild parabolic action for dries, nymphs, and streamers
H-8 #4 line, easy casting medium action
I-1 medium action for #5 line
Phone- (802) 371-7563
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