D. Kenney Bamboo Flyrods
Fine Rods Built From the Perceptive Perspective 
Middlesex, Vermont
Classic Series-  2 piece $1,150.00, 3 piece $1,250.00                        
                               Rods over 8' long add $100.00  
                               $200.00 non-refundable deposit required
Presentation Series- Prices start at $1,800.00
Bespoke Series- Prices start at $4000.00
Call for more information on Presentation and Bespoke series rods
Prices good until January 2008
Options on Classic Series Rods:                                          
Downlocking or Uplocking  Screwlock hardware- $100.00
Fixed Wooden Fighting Butt- $150.00
English Walnut or Vermont Cherry Burl Reel Seat- $30.00  
Polished Hardware- No Charge
Initials- $75.00 (Standard on Presentation Series)
Full Coverage- $200.00
Full Coverage Fancy- $400.00
Note: Engraving will require a $250.00 to $400.00 Non Refundable Deposit. No Exceptions.
Cortland Classic Sylk Line
Double Taper floating line in #2 thru #7 line weights- $50.00
  Visa and Mastercard Welcomed
Phone- (802) 371-7563